“ADMIE (IPTO) HOLDING S.A.” (or “Company”) hereby announces that at the meeting held on 28 February 2018 its Board of Directors approved the replacement of the Independent Non-Executive Member, Mr. Ioannis Margaris, by Ms. Eleni Zarikou. Ms. Zarikou fulfills statutory requirements, has sufficient knowledge in the Company’s operating environment, as well as sufficient knowledge in auditing and accounting.

The Board’s approval is aligned with article 4 of Law 3016/2002 and article 44 of Law 4449/2017.

The election of Eleni Zarikou as a member of the Audit Committee and its Chairman will be submitted for approval to the next Ordinary or Extraordinary Ordinary Or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders.

As a result, the following members comprise the Audit Committee:

1.Evaggelos Darousos,
2. Eleni Zarikou,
3. Constantinos Karakatsanis,

Mr. Evaggelos Darousos remains Chairman in the Audit Committee.

Athens, 2 March 2018