ADMIE Holding was established in February 2017, within the framework of the ownership separation between PPC and ADMIE and in implementation of European Directive 2009/72/EC. This Directive proposes to the EU Member States, inter alia, the complete ownership separation of electricity transmission activities from production and supply, with the ultimate aim of encouraging competition in the electricity market.

The purpose of ADMIE Holding is to promote the work of ADMIE S.A., through its participation in the appointment of its key directors, the cooperation with the Strategic Investor, as well as the communication of The Relative’s activity to shareholders and the wider investment public.

ADMIE (IPTO) Holding S.A. is a company listed in the ATHEX Main Market and its shares are traded in the FTSE index of high cap stocks.

ADMIE since 20 June 2017 follows the ownership-segregated Administrator (Ownership Unbundling) model and is fully in line with Directive 2009/72/EC.

The shareholding composition of ADMIE is as follows: