Nikos Stamatiadis

Nikolaos Stamatiadis is an Economist, graduate of the Business Administration Department of the Graduate School of Industrial Studies in Thessaloniki. He has attended seminars on Internal Audit and International Auditing Standards, Costing, Financial Management and Analytical Accounting. He is a class A accountant with working experience in maintaining Class C books, financial analysis of balance sheets and knowledge of international auditing standards.

Nikos’ working experience spans over 20 years with a multinational company, with managerial positions in Financial Planning, Internal Audit, as well as Financial Director. He has specialized in the preparation of budgets, business plans, setting up management information systems (MIS), organizing industrial production costing systems and Internal Audit systems.

His representative work is setting up an internal control system in large industrial units and industrial production costing systems. Nikos has participated in a group of industrial unit executives with the objecctive to acquire state-owned enterprises in the Balkans and restructure financial and accounting operations.